Networks and Server Administration

Network refers to the hardware and software resources of an entire network that enable network connectivity, communication, operations and management of an enterprise network and server administrators are for making sure that computer hardware and network infrastructure related to an organization’s data network are effectively maintained.

A standard support contract consists of

Staff Time (Basic System Administration)

Operating System and Vendor Specific Software Licensing

Remote (Network-Mediated) Backup

Information can also be found below on After-Hours Support and 24-hour oversight, security, and controlled-climate for departmental and other critical systems.

Web Development Procedures

Support Contracts

A supported system must include System Administration services. Backups are strongly recommended.

System administration services have a substantial value to the owner of a UNIX workstation. There is a proactive component in skilled system administration which anticipates and prevents problems which can result in significant downtime and lost data. However, there is also a certain delegation of control implicit in a system administration contract: operations will be performed on the machine for its safety, reliability, and for protection of the rest of the campus, and advance notification is not always possible.

Each contract must designate one or more people authorized to request service for the supported machines